Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Compact Systems

  • Swift, reliable fault location
  • Maximum measuring accuracy
  • Echometer high-performance impulse level up to 160 V for cables with high attenuation
  • Compact design, enabling installation in small commercial vehicles
  • Infinitely variable DC testing from 0 to 32 kV
  • Max surge energy up to 2100 joule
  • Established measuring methods
  • Number of echogramme memories > 100.000
  • Simple data transfer and analysis


The Syscompact 3000 is a multifunctional cable fault location system designed for modular 19" rack technology. The integrated surge and test generator is used for cable and sheath testing as well as for the pre-location and pinpointing of high-resistance and intermittent faults. High- and  lowresistance faults as well as intermittent faults can be located using the IRG 3000 echometer thanks to the integration of state-of-the-art fault pre-location methods (SIM/MIM) as well as the impulse current method. The computerised IRG  3000 echometer facilitates automatic, standardised reporting.

  • Fast, reliable high performance for high-, medium- and low voltage networks
  • Stand alone or integrated in cable test van
  • Maximum functionality and flexibility
  • A system for pre-location and pinpointing
  • Can be expanded to diagnostic system - investment splitting
  • Suitable for cable lines of more than 200 km length

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