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Simple testing of protection and measurement devices with CMC test sets - CMControl P

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Intuitive operation for quick manual testing 

CMControl P is a control option for CMC test sets, specially designed for the quick manual testing of protection and measurement devices. 

Due to its intuitive user interface setting up tests is easy and convenient. Output values are adjusted manually while the included test tools with integrated fault models guarantee quick tests and reliable results. The innovative user guidance offers easy operation even without special training. 

CMControl P is available as an App for Windows PC or Android tablets and as a dedicated front panel control device.

Key features

  • Simple and fast testing with innovative user guidance
  • Runs on Windows & Android devices and on the dedicated front panel control unit
  • Reduced testing efforts, increased productivity
  • Flexible working positions
  • No special training required



Solutions For:

Protection Testing

Measurement Equipment Testing

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