Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Cable Locator

  • Very simple to use, self-explanatory keypad and display
  • Membrane keypad with separate button functions
  • Integrated digital graphic display with backlight and bar chart indication of signal strength
  • Acoustic indication with variable pitch response
  • Minimum and maximum modes selectable by push-button
  • Digital display of cable depth
  • Current measurement for identification of target cable
  • Automatic gain control by push-button
  • 3 active transmitter frequencies, 50 Hz and RF (12 - 24 kHz) passive frequency selectable
  • Powerful frequency transmitter with automatic load matching
  • Simultaneous transmission of two active frequencies possible (815 Hz + 82 kHz)

CL 20

The BAUR cable locator CL 20 is unchallenged for successful location in a variety of situations. Capable of locating long or short cables, inductive or directly coupled, using active transmitter frequencies or passive (50 Hz), the CL 20 is a light-weight, user friendly instrument in ergonomic design that delivers quick and accurate readings.

The versatility of the features of the CL 20 such as direct galvanitic or inductive coupling, active search frequencies and passive 50 Hz network frequencies makes it universally applicable.

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