Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Cable Identification

  • Cable identification of single and multicore cables
  • Reliable signal acquisition by digital 3-parameter analysis,
  • Cable identification even in live LV cables via the mains proof direct connection (KSG 100 T)
  • Identification of pulse direction, even with higher loop resistance
  • Inductive pulse injection by current transformer clamp into live cables (option)
  • High pulse current up to 180 A
  • Small, flexible receiver with integrated graphics display
  • No battery necessary
  • Flexible coupler using a Rogowski coil for large cable diameter

KSG 100

The cable identification system KSG 100 is used for selection of single and multicore cables from a cable bundle. The amplitude, time and phase control (ATP) discriminator provides the user with the utmost security of cable identification. The KSG 100 offers special advantages like fully automatic gain control, user-friendly menu guidance, voltage-proof transmitter output and small dimensions.

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