Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Time Domain Reflector

  • Pre-programmed measuring sequences, fully automated measurement and display of the fault distance
  • Storage for more than 100,000 measurements
  • Three-phase measurement and display
  • Level of initial impulse: 20 to 160 V
  • Cable lengths over 200 km
  • Impulse reflection method, single and multi-phase measurement
  • Secondary impulse method (SIM) with SA 32 system coupling
  • Secondary impulse method (SIM/MIM DC) with SA 32 system coupling
  • Multiple impulse method (MIM) with SA 32 system coupling
  • Impulse current method with SK 1D impulse current coupling
  • Decay method with CC 1 voltage coupling
  • Differential impulse current method with SK 3D impulse current coupling
  • Differential decay method with SK 3D impulse current coupling

IRG 3000

The IRG 3000 impulse reflection measurement unit locates cable faults in single- and three-phase cable systems in conjunction with a surge voltage generator. Up to 98% of faults can be located with just the SIM/MIM method. The memory capacity of more than 100,000 measurements saves reporting time and makes full utilisation possible. Integrated resistance measurement makes additional equipment unnecessary.

The Windowsbased software provides a comprehensive set of functions and can be operated in the relevant local language. Simultaneous display of up to three measuring methods enables simple comparison and evaluation.

Optionally, the PHG VLF sine wave test generator, the tan delta (TD) dissipation factor measurement system, and the partial discharge (PD) measurement and location system can be integrated.

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