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Dew Point and Temperature Probe DMP8

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Vaisala DRYCAP® Dew Point and Temperature Probe DMP7 is made for tight spaces and low-humidity applications. Its short probe length makes it suitable for installations that have limited space such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Other typical applications include industrial drying systems, compressed air systems, and dry rooms.

DMP7 is part of the Indigo family and is compatible with Indigo 500 and Indigo 200 series transmitters. It can be used with the Vaisala Insight PC software for data visualization, easy probe configuration and self-calibration.

Dew point measurement range -70 ... +80 °C (-94 ... +176 °F)
Dew point measurement accuracy up to ±2 °C (±3.6 °F)
Temperature accuracy up to 0.1 °C (0.18 °F)
Sensor purge provides superior chemical resistance
Withstands condensation, oils, dust and most chemicals
Includes traceable three-point calibration certificate
Modbus RTU over RS-485 for flexible connectivity
Compatible with Indigo series transmitters
Long (two-year) calibration interval for easy maintenance

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