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Control Panel


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Painted steel cabinet with an external door permitting the access to the programmable controller by the authorized personnel, and an external door, both equipped with standard key locks.

Programmable logic controller's functions are :

* protection,
* regulation,
* defaults detection,
* permutation between the equipments of the site in case of default,
* measure of intensity
* measure of the operation time,
* measure of the number of operations held,
* storage, review and synthesis of the defaults.



* Circuit-breaker (s) for the protection against short-circuits and overloads,
* Contactor (s),
* 1 specific programmable logic controller(designed by TEC AUTOMATISMES) for the control and the protection of the equipments.

Dimension : 400 x 300 x 210 mm




Electric control panel for the regulation and the protection of industrial equipment or site.

Control panel to be connected on a power supply equipped with protection devices in accordance with security standards.

Available in 400 V - three phase current from 1 to 11 A and 230 V - single phase current from 1 to 11 A.

This cabinet is equipped of an external door and a second internal one restricting the access to the control components by the authorized personnel. It can thus be mounted in public sites.

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