Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Construction Tools


All necessary construction tools and hand tools can be provided for assembly, erection and lifting of the conductors of a complete Emergency Restoration Structure. A 7271 gin pole made from aluminum alloy can be provided.

The 7271 gin pole is supported on one corner of a column section and allows for the lifting of column sections to the top of the structure. All necessary snatch blocks and rigging ropes are supplied with the gin pole. The gin pole has a davit   arm to keep loads clear of the structure while being raised by manpower, or a capstan with hydraulic power unit. A ½ ton hydraulic capstan winch with foot pedals can be supplied with each gin pole.

This capstan is capable of being powered by the same hydraulic power unit used to install the anchors. A 7280 Erection Jib can be provided for tilting up an entire ERS column. The bottom half of the Jib can be used to lift heavy loads to the top of the column.




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