Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Software package for cable testing, cable diagnostics & cable fault location



Reliable cable fault location, cable testing and diagnostics

  • Best possible basis for cost-optimised, condition-oriented maintenance
  • Common data management through comprehensive cable database supports actual and trend analysis
  • Conclusive presentation of measurement results


Cable fault location:

  • Suitable for single and three-phase cable systems
  • Measuring ranges over 200 km
  • Fully automatic measurement and display of the fault distance through automatic cursor positioning at the fault location
  • “Easy mode” for standardised and quick fault location

Cable testing:

  • Three test voltages – true sinus, DC voltage and rectangular wave voltage – from one voltage source
  • Automatic test sequences programmable according to standards or user-defined
  • Automatic shutdown of the system or burn mode after breakdown (depends on setting)
  • More flexibility through “Manual test” mode
Dissipation factor measurement:
  • Quick and efficient assessment of cable insulation (in few minutes)
  • No limitation due to length of connection cable, hence suitable for problematic connection conditions (e.g. pole stations)
  • Professional and systematic evaluation of cable insulation
  • Possibility for measurement data exchange between the BAUR software and the frida TD and viola TD VLF generators
Partial discharge diagnostics:
  • Exact location of PD activities on cable insulation, joints and terminations
  • Safe evaluation of PD intensity
  • Automatic partial discharge measurement with automatic detection of inception voltage and location of PD sources



BAUR Software 3.3.9

The BAUR system software is a cable testing, cable diagnostics and cable fault location package. It enables efficient monitoring of the condition of cable networks in combination with BAUR cable fault location, testing and diagnostics systems.

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