Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Software for system-based protection testing


Key features

  • System-based testing of protection systems independent of relay type and manufacturer
  • Distributed testing made easy by controlling multiple CMCs from one application via any Internet access
  • Testing of advanced relay functions such as power swings, transient
    ground faults, capacitive line phenomena, complex teleprotection and adaptive protection schemes

RelaySimTest is a unique software for system-based protection testing using one or more CMC test sets. Its application-oriented testing can reveal failures created during calculations as well as during setup of the relay or a protection scheme, requiring only a minimum of test steps.

Modern protective relays use complex algorithms and adapt to network and failures. Simple function tests are often no longer sufficient for testing such relays. RelaySimTest covers these new demands with a transient simulation of the primary power system. Application-oriented tests are independent from relay type, manufacturer and detailed parameters. The protection behavior is the only thing that counts.

With RelaySimTest, you can control all connected CMCs for the test from one PC. Remote CMCs can be controlled via a simple Internet connection. This results in the simplest distributed testing possible for systems such as teleprotection or line differential protection, regardless of how many CMC test sets are used.

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