Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Secondary Testing & Calibration


GPS controlled time reference for CMC test sets

GPS-based synchronization unit which is used with CMC test equipment.

CMIRIG-B Interface
Interface box enabling the connection of devices sending or receiving the IRIG-B protocol or PPS signals with CMC test sets.

Polarity Checker CPOL
Checks a series of terminals for correct wiring

CMLIB REF6xx Interface Adapter
Interface adapter for connecting ABB relays fitted with sensor inputs

CMLIB 7Sx8 Interface Adapter
Interface adapter for connecting SIEMENS protection relays fitted with sensor inputs

REF 54x Cable Connector
Tailored to connect ABB relays of the REF 54x series to the low level outputs of a CMC test set

For connecting the low level signal outputs of a CMC and/or connecting the inputs of a CMA 156 or CMS 156 amplifier with third party signal sources

ARC 256x Arc Flash Initiator
For testing arc flash protection systems

SEM Scanning Equipment for Meters
Scanning Heads and related accessories for testing meters with optical pulse outputs and electromechanical meters

SER 1 Scanning Equipment for Relays
Scanning head and interface box for reading the status indication LEDs of protection relays

Current Clamp C-Probe 1
Active AC and DC current probe with voltage output.

C-Shunt Precision shunts
Precision shunts for current measurements.

CMTAC 1 AC to DC trigger rectifier
Pluggable rectifier to convert AC trigger signals to DC

100TX to 100FX-SC Converter
For network connection of a CMC test set via fiber optics

USB to Parallel Converter CMUSB-P
USB to Parallel Converter for controlling CMC test sets with a parallel port

Generator Combination Cable
Connection between the Generator-Combination-Plug of the CMC test set to the test object

Recloser and Sectionalizer Test Cables
Test cables for testing distribution reclosers & sectionalizers, including their controllers and switches

CMC Wiring Accessory Package
For connecting test objects with CMC test sets.

Transport Cases
Sturdy transport cases with hard-foam interiors in different sizes

Foldable Stand
Foldable stand to place CMC devices in upright position

CMx Standard Accessories
Standard Accessory for CMC, CMA and CMS


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