Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Primary Testing & Diagnostics


Bushing Adapters

A selection of combinable adapters for secure connections to bushings, delivered in a handy case.

CAL 542

Charge calibrators are used to inject a defined charge into and verify the measurement circuit. 

CAL 543

As the first online charge injector, the CAL 543 remains permanently installed on the tested object.

MCC 112/124

The MCC 112 and MCC 124 are compact coupling capacitors for direct connection to the MPD measurement unit and for the usage in small routine test fields.


MCC 205/210

The MCC 205 and MCC 210 coupling capacitors are designed with the quadripole measuring impedance built in and include a dedicated space for the MPD measuring unit and the MPP power pack.


MCT 100/110

High frequency current transformers pick up partial discharge (PD) signals in moderate heights and in safe distance from high voltage.


MCU 502/504

The MCU is the transmitter between the MPD and the operating computer for PD measurements.


MPP 600
The MPP battery powers a PD measuring device for more than 20 hours.


UHF 608

The UHF 608 expands the measuring range of MPD 600 systems from 220 to 850 MHz.


UHF 620

The UHF 620 extends the measurable bandwidth of the  600 up to the VHF and UHF range.


UPG 620

The UPG 620 pulse generator with very fast slope pulses is mainly used to verify the measurement circuit in the UHF range.


UVS 610

The UVS 610 allows partial discharge (PD) measurements to be conducted in liquid-insulated power transformers.



CPL 542/543

The CPL quadripole is an external measuring impedance for partial discharge measurements.


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