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Hydraulic Cable Cutters


CG55 Elec - Electro-hydraulic cable cutter

Hydraulic cable cutter on 14,4V battery for cables of 55 mm Ø max. Ergonomic and stability for single one-hand operation.
Hydraulic double stage system for more speed.

Quick opening and closing head, rotatable 180° with protection kit.

Electronical variator of speed in the trigger enables the exact control of approach before cutting. 
Automatic release with an audible "click" when the force of 43 kN is reached. 
Return of piston by release trigger.

Operating on 14,4V 3.0Ah Ni-MH battery for more efficiency.
Rechargeable battery without memory effect.

Light indicator:
- Control of the battery power load,
- Confirmation of the right end of crimping,
- Maintenance indicator every 15 000 cycles.

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