Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Cable Test Vans

  • PHG 70/80 VLF high-voltage generator
  • SSG 1100 surge voltage generator
  • Computer-supported IRG 3000 Echometer
  • SIM-MIM coupling unit SA 32
  • SK 1 D surge current coupling unit
  • Fully-automatic switching unit for phase and equipment selection, 80 kV
  • Acoustic receiver UL with ground microphone BM
  • 3-phase automatic switching unit with GPW 80/3 for 80 kV
  • Integrated discharge unit and visible grounding unit
  • Cable drum rack, 3-phase KTG M6
  • Plexiglas partition wall between high-voltage and control area
  • Safety door contacts

The TRANSCABLE 3000 80 kV – 3/A

The TRANSCABLE 3000 80 kV - 3/A cable test van is fitted with an automatic control system.
The high-voltage switching unit is encapsulated and electronically controlled via the fully-automatic control unit KE 3.

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