Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


VLF Hipot Systems

  • Test in accordance with standards
  • VLF truesinus®, VLF square wave and DC in one device
  • Nominal voltage PHG 70 of up to 38 kVrms truesinus® ^= 56kVpeak, 57 kV square wave and +/-70 kV DC
  • Nominal voltage PHG 80 of up to 57 kVrms truesinus® ^= 84kVpeak, 80 kV square wave and +/-80 kV DC
  • Maximum capacitive load up to 20 µF
  • Frequency variation from 0.01 to 1 Hz
  • User-friendly, individually programmable sequences
  • Fully automatic testing
  • Fastest possible results, automatic discharge mechanism
  • Digital control with professional, self-explanatory multilingual software
  • Weight 250 - 400 kg

VLF Hipot System PHG 70 and PHG 80

You can operate your networks more reliably if potential defects are detected while testing your cable network after they are new installed or repaired. No other testing technology evaluates operational reliability of cable systems so extensively, flexibly and efficiently as does BAUR's truesinus® digital technology.

Investments in state of the art devices like PHG 70 and PHG 80 are quickly recovered considering the costs of failures during operation. In addition, the systems can be extended step-wise into diagnostics systems and have complete investment security. The solution is customised to your specific operating conditions by installing it in a BAUR cable test van or using it as a flexibly transportable stand-alone system.

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