Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Time domain reflector

  • Main unit with comprehensive functions for locating cable faults
  • Easy to learn, no training costs
  • High mobility, quickly in use
  • One device for all measurement methods
  • Ideal even for cables with difficult access
  • High success rate

IRG 2000

The IRG 2000 impulse reflection measurement unit or echometer is a handy, easy to carry device for single-phase cable fault
pre-location. It is used in combination with a surge voltage generator on low, medium and high voltage cables from 0 - 65 km long. It can also be used on cables carrying voltage up to 400 V.
The unit is particularly easy to handle with a self-explanatory menu and one-button operation. Additional methods are available by combination with other modules and systems.
Depending on requirements, the IRG 2000 impulse reflection measurement unit can be operated on its integrated
rechargeable battery or mains voltage.

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