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Power Transducers

  • Voltage: 40-400VAC L-N, 69-690VAC L-L
  • Current: 0-6 Amps
  • Power: 100-415VAC, 100-300VDC
  • Circuit: 3 phase 3 wire, 3 phase 4 wire, single phase
  • 0.5% Accuracy (volts, amps)
  • Instantaneous: V, I, Watts, VARS, VA, PF, Freq, Imbalance (Per Phase & Total)
  • Demand: Watts, VARS, Amps
  • Energy: Whr, VARhr, Vahr
  • Harmonics: THD & Individual to 15th
  • Max/Min: V, I, Demand

DPMS XL Multi-Function Digital Panel Meter

AMETEK's Multi-Function Polyphase Power Meter comes with a back-lit LCD Display and is suitable for ANSI and DIN mounting. It features 0.5% Accuracy and has a wide range input and universal AC/DC Power Supply. The DPMS XL has over 130 power measurements from the three phase power input, including volts, amps, watts, VARS, energy and individual harmonics to the 15th. The DPMS XL can be provided with digital inputs or RS-485 Modbus communications. Standard features consist of: max/min power meassurement recording and configurable alarms for power quality. The units are configured via Software or front panel pushbuttons.

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