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Life Cycle Maintenance Agreement

Continuous Monitoring System Services Brochure
The Life Cycle Maintenance Agreement is designed to ensure that your viewLinc monitoring system is always up-to-date in terms of performance and regulation compatibility. It comprises a modular set of services that help ensure your operations comply with the latest regulations and provides prioritized support services.


  • Software maintenance 
  • 24/7 Technical support and training

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Key Benefits

Regular software updates
Software maintenance ensures your monitoring system’s compatibility with changing technologies and regulations. The Life Cycle Maintenance Agreement includes updates to the latest viewLinc software and system update validation support at no added cost.
Priority access to technical support
24/7 technical support gives you access to our experts in critical or down-time situations. Your requests are prioritized, enabling the quickest possible response and remote help. Priority technical support also includes web-based live training for new system users, as well as access to all eLearning materials.
Calibration planned for your needs
Vaisala provides world-class calibration services throughout the life cycle of your continuous monitoring system. Choose calibration options according to your needs as a separate Calibration Care Agreement.

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