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Carbon Dioxide Transmitter Series GM20

GM20 Datasheet

The duct-mounted Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Transmitter Series GMD20 are specially designed for demand-controlled ventilation (DCV). They are easy to install and require no maintenance. The GMD20 transmitters use the silicon-based Vaisala CARBOCAP® Sensor. The simple structure and reference measurement capabilities make this Single-Beam, Dual-Wavelength NDIR sensor extremely stable and reliable. The CO2 concentration is measured inside the duct without risks for leaks or wrong flow direction affecting the measurement. In addition, the measurement accuracy is not affected by dust, water vapor and most chemicals. 

The GMD20 series transmitters can be used independently, or incorporated into building energy management systems. The series consists of duct mount units GMD20 and GMD20D. Version D has a display. The duct units' compact sensor head design fits inside the ventilation duct, eliminating the risk of leaking gaskets and measurement errors.

The recommended calibration interval is five years.

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Leak insensitive in-duct measurement
Incorporates the Vaisala CARBOCAP® sensor - the silicon based NDIR
Excellent long-term stability
Negligible temperature dependence
Five year recommended calibration interval
Warranty time 2 years

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