Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Surge Arrester

  • Compactness and Lightweight
  • Extremely Safe Pressure Relief Performance
  • Compliance with Major International Standards (IEC60099-4, IEEE Std C62.11)
  • High Seismic Qualification Level, as specified in IEEE693
  • Simple Support Structure
  • Directly Molded Structure
  • ZnO Elements with Lead Free Glass

Polymer type Surge Arrester

Toshiba Surge Arresters can be applied to a variety of systems including substation equipment, AC-DC converters,railway power system and power distribution units ranging from 3.3kV to 800kV systems. These surge arresters demonstrate excellent protection properties. Toshiba surge arresters incorporate TNR elements (Toshiba Non-linear Resistor ZnO Elements) with superior non-linear voltage-current characteristics, high quality and reliability. Metal oxide type surge arresters offer such special features inherent in the gap-less structure, such as a quick response to surge voltage, high energy dissipation capability, safe operation, compactness / lightweight and freedom from pollution.

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