Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


TPT-62 Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor with the EasyDisk


EasyDisk Key Features:

  • EasyDisk installed by FISO prior to shipping
  • Yellow Spiral Wrap Cable locked on the EasyDisk
  • Total sensor tip protection
  • Quick and easy installation in the spacer without adhesive
  • Optimal location of the sensor tip on the conductor allowing direct and accurate readings
  • Increased robustness and protection during all the manufacturing processes
  • TPT-62 and EasyDisk (NOMEXTM material) assembly tested to be fully immune to EMI



The TPT-62 family of fiber-optic temperature probes employs industry standard 62.5µm core OM1 optical fiber for vastly improved optical, mechanical, and reliability properties over legacy 200µm core (1st generation) optical fiber sensors.

The EasyDisk sensor tip assembly ensures IEC60076-2 Annex E compliant installation and enables quick insertion of the probes into the spacers within the windings of the transformer.


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