Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Precise measurement of dissipation factor, power factor and capacitance

  • Precise measurement of dissipation and power factors, as well as capacitances
  • Safe test setup thanks to electrically isolated measuring
  • Compact replacement of comparable systems, such as Schering bridges
  • Modular system, which can be used simultaneously with all partial discharge products in the MPD range
  • Operation with existing reference capacitors

The MI 600 is a precise measurement and analysis system for the dissipation factor (tan delta), power factor and capacitances on high-voltage equipment.

Thanks to its compact design, the MI 600 is portable and can be used at many different locations. It covers a large measurement range, from 20 uA to 28 A. The easy to use software offers various functions for real-time indication, trend analysis and reporting.

The highest degree of safety is achieved through electrically isolated measurements. Even in the event of a flashover, users remain isolated from dangerous voltages.

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