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Software Packages


Phone Support Office Hours

This service entitles you to personal phone support with access to engineers and technicians with specific product expertise during Vaisala business hours.

Priority Email Support

Our service team is committed to customer satisfaction and will assist with technical inquires and troubleshooting. Priority over standard email support guarantees a next business-day response.

Spare Parts, Express Exchange

Express exchange is a competitively priced spares solution ensuring the availability of critical spare parts with a next business-day shipping policy. With express exchange you can avoid the lead times and inventory management costs of spare parts storage.

Extended Warranty

With Vaisala's extended warranty you can avoid variations in annual spare parts costs and accurately forecast the overall lifetime costs of your system. The LTS2005 extended warranty covers your satellite system hardware.

Repair, On-site

On-site repairs are carried out on short notice by qualified maintenance staff. During the service visit an expert technician will perform troubleshooting and repairs to your satellite data feed. 


The Silver LTS2005 Service Package provides expert technical support and troubleshooting for the LTS2005 software. Dedicated Vaisala service technicians are available to assist with any questions or problems you may encounter.

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