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The API package includes a Windows 32-Bit Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that provides a full range of data logger function calls. These functions include the ability to download information (transfer data from a logger), obtain real-time values, read logger file data and more.

The Spectrum API helps programmers develop their own data logging applications by masking and handling all of the low-level communication process between a Veriteq data logger and the computer. With it, you can enable data logger communications within such programs as Microsoft Excel, Access, Visual Basic, C/C++, LabVIEW or your own special Windows-based programs.

The Spectrum API supports Spectrum data loggers connected directly to any serial or USB port of the computer. Also works with Digi and vNet network connectivity devices.


The Vaisala Veriteq Spectrum API (application programming interface) is a programming tool package that allows developers to communicate directly with Vaisala Veriteq data loggers from a wide range of standard and custom applications running under Windows 95/98/2000/XP and Windows NT 4.0.

The Vaisala Veriteq Spectrum API provides complete software building blocks for data logger setup, real-time viewing, and data download functions without requiring the standard Vaisala Veriteq Spectrum software. This allows customers to create their own automated data acquisition processes, perform specialized analysis functions, or incorporate logger data into standardized billing or reporting processes. The API is especially valuable for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who want to incorporate Vaisala Veriteq data logger boards transparently into their own products or software front-ends.

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