Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


FDS-PDC Dielectric Response Analyzer

  • Extremely fast measurements reduce downtimes
  • Detailed connection diagrams show the correct wiring for various measurement scenarios
  • Automatic determination of the water content with the DIRANA software (no expert knowledge required)
  • Reliable moisture content determination for new and aged oil-paper insulation
  • No overestimation of water content due to unique compensation for ageing byproducts
  • Evaluation of very dry transformers due to a wide measuring range of 5 kHz to 10 µHz

The DIRANA can determine the condition of high-voltage insulation systems like in power transformers, bushings, cables and generators with dielectric response analysis.

On basis of the dielectric frequency response (DFR) the DIRANA can, for example, determine the moisture content in oil-paper insulations. The measurement results are compared against values from an integrated database and the moisture content is graded between "dry" and "very wet" as per IEC 60422.

The DIRANA reduces the required measurement time to 50%, as the device uses a combination of the time and frequency range method (Polarization Depolarization Current [PDC] and Frequency Domain Spectroscopy [FDS]).

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