Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Fixed-installed System for the Continuous Monitoring of High-Voltage Cables

  • Intelligent pre-processing of the raw data by concentrator unit
  • Advanced data separation by synchronous multi-channel (3PARD) and multi-spectral (3CFRD) evaluation
  • Data post-processing by expert system to get useful information about insulation conditions
  • Diverse HFCT sensors for installation at groundings or cross-bonding boxes
  • Inductive power supply (IPS) for offside supply of units

The OMS 800 system is designed to perform partial discharge (PD) after-installation testing and continuous monitoring of HV XLPE cable systems, either in underground tunnels or at buried cables. It can detect and locate partial discharges in cables and accessories (joints, terminations) simultaneously.

The OMS 800 monitoring system consists of sensors, acquisition units, data concentrators for pre-processing the data, as well as a system server and software components for modern data visualization and management. An inductive power supply (IPS) allows operating the acquisition units offside, e.g. in cable tunnel applications where copper wiring has to be avoided and voltage sources are not available.

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