Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Fixed-installed System for the Continuous Monitoring of Partial Discharges

  • Synchronous multi-channel PD data acquisition
  • Advanced technology like 3PARD and 3CFRD for PD source separation
  • Denoising using several gating methods (amplitude-, phase-, dynamic-, frequency-, channel-gating)
  • Optical isolation between partial discharge acquisition unit and server
  • High capacitance of coupling capacitors (up to 2.2 nF)

The OMS 600 is a fixed installed system for continuous partial discharge (PD) monitoring. The online PD monitoring system consists of three or four coupling capacitors (3 phases + neutral). A short coaxial cable connects each coupling capacitor to the channel acquisition unit, which is linked by a fiber optic cable to the server. The OMS 600 can easily be extended to monitor a high number of high-voltage machines.

The high sensitivity of this permanently-installed monitoring system is based on advanced technology. Partial discharge sources are separated by measuring synchronously at each channel and by using methods like 3PARD (3-Phase Amplitude Relation Diagram) and 3CFRD (3-Center Frequency Relation Diagram).

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