Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Transducer node for CIBANO 500

  • Circuit breaker motion analysis
  • Interference-free transmission of measurement results to CIBANO 500 via digital connection
  • Can be connected to most standard linear sensors and rotational motion sensors

The CB TN3 transducer node allows you to carry out circuit breaker motion analysis with path-time diagrams.

Together with CIBANO 500 and a motion sensor, it checks the entire switch mechanism and the mechanical links during the opening and closing process. In this way, performance values such as velocity, over-travel or mechanical bounce can be compared with the manufacturer's data or previous measurements.

The CB TN3 can be connected to the motion sensor via three digital or analog channels. The measurement results are transmitted digitally and therefore without interference, to CIBANO 500.

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