Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Software tool for working with IEC 61850 devices

  • Access to IEC 61850 compatible IEDs from any vendor
  • High-Level ACSI view with combined GOOSE and Client/Server message display
  • Analysis of Client/Server communication with drill-down into the MMS protocol
  • Periodic polling of data from servers
  • Creation of SCL files for devices without additional engineering tools
  • Detection of GOOSEs on the network and GOOSE monitoring
  • Recording of GOOSE traffic into COMTRADE files
  • Transfer of detected GOOSE information to the GOOSE Configuration Module for the CMC test set
  • Simulation of GOOSE messages

IEDScout is a universal client to IEC 61850 servers (such as substation IEDs) and a publisher/subscriber for GOOSE messages. It provides numerous useful functions needed in the substation or the laboratory. As an IEC 61850 client it supports many functions, from generic reading/writing of data attributes to using the self-description feature of an IED and producing SCL files from it. It detects GOOSE messages and Client/Server communication for display, analysis, and recording. The IEDScout also simulates GOOSE messages. With IEDScout, the protection and SCADA engineers get new options to enhance the depth and quality of testing.

IEDScout supports IEC 61850 Edition 1. The Simulation Flag of IEC 61850 Edition 2 for GOOSE is also supported.

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