Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Compensating Reactor For The CP TD1

  • Maximum test voltage of 12 kVeff at 4 A (1μF)
  • Portable: compact dimensions and low weight
  • Flexible: can be used as a high voltage source, as well as for dissipation factor (tan δ) / power factor testing and tip-up testing
  • Extendable: several units can be connected in parallel
  • Long test times: Maximum output duration with optimal compensation by adjusting the frequency

The compensating reactor allows the insulation quality of generators, motors, cables and other systems with large capacitances to be tested. The portable device is used in connection with the CPC 100 + CP TD1 for dissipation factor (tan delta) and power factor measurements.

For dissipation factor (tan δ) / power factor testing and tip-up testing several CP CR500 units can be connected in parallel. Capacitances of up to 1µF (4 A) can be compensated with 12 kV test voltage and at mains frequency* (50 Hz / 60 Hz). The system can also be used as a high-voltage source to provide compensation of up to 2 µF, for example when performing partial discharge measurements. The frequency can also be varied (15 Hz ... 400 Hz) to facilitate optimum compensation during long-time tests.

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