Citra Wahana Sekar Buana


Short Circuiting and Grounding Equipment


ART. 2974BM


The equipment consists of:
N. 3 screw type universal contact clamps made of brass forged, fitted with 3 different attack points for copper cable   hexagonal tang made of galvanized steel
Clamping capacity:
· round conductors 5-40 mm in diameter
· flat conductors 40 x 60 mm
· bars on horizontal level 12 x 60 mm
· 45° slanting bars up to 28 mm thickness
N. 3 Short circuit copper cables covered by PVC sheath, for the connection between the three contact clamps and the central connector. Length 0,75 m complete of tinning copper lugs.
N. 1 Central trifurcating connector
N. 1 Ground copper cable length 2 m
N. 1 Ground clamp with clamping capacity
       up to 22 mm
N. 1 Insulating Fiberglass rod made of
       epoxy resin reinforced by fiberglass in 2 elements connected by quick coupler. Length 1,35 m
N. 1 Metallic carrying case

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